5 Ways To Modernise An Older Home

Modernise An Older Home

If you’re working with an existing residence rather than building a new, there’ll be some elements that will remain while others will be demolished. Read below for things to address when you’re undertaking a renovation of an older home. Don’t forget to engage a luxury custom home builder with a good reputation to assist you with your modernisation project.



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Perhaps one of the most important ways to bring your home into the 12st century is to update what is going on behind the walls and underneath your house. Firstly, address any safety issues that an older house presents such as outdated wiring. Older houses are often put under an unsafe load due to modern appliances that run constantly. Therefore, get the switchboard and wiring looked at to make the place safer and allow you to operate all the air-conditioned Netflix sessions on your wide screen projector.

Note: this should be done before you address your home’s insulation needs.



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Once the electrics are updated, get your IT connectivity requirements addressed. Older houses may only have a landline or old TV port, which is not conducive to fast, or perhaps any, wi-fi. Depending on your residence’s infrastructure in the street, you might need an engineer to reactive cables or get a hook up to a street network switch. If your area doesn’t already have NBN you may need some additional cabling when the time comes to get whatever version of NBN you will have access to. Smart technology is the way of the future.

Colour schemes:

The walls, flooring and ceiling show the age of a house if not attended to. Gaudy carpet is obviously from certain decades (ahem, 70s) while wallpaper designs will also indicate certain periods. Modern walls and ceilings are often shades of whites, creams or subtle browns. You might add a feature wall or ceiling to modernise a particular room. But whilst the modern look is typically more minimalist these days, you don’t have to shy away from colour if that’s your style, but maintain it properly. In other words, you can keep your retro, all pink bathroom, but do clean, reseal, replace damaged tiles or aged paint to keep it looking fresh.



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Although it may not be high on list of essential repairs, a well presented exterior on your boundary line can lift a slightly tired looking facade. A sturdy, and well-maintained fence can hide some other things that are outstanding on your to do list, like a longer than usual lawn or exterior paint that is nearing the point of requiring a new coat. The added benefit of increasing security and children or animal safety is another bonus when updating or installing a new fence.

Taps and switches:

If you’re not installing an entirely new kitchen or replacing doors, simply update the handles on tired looking drawers and worn door knobs. Some people will also replace light switches also which are often a tell-tale sign of when a house was built.

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