How to Get Rid of Light and Deep Scratches from Acrylic

Rid of Light and Deep Scratches

Acrylic is widely used as a substitute of glass. This plastic-based substance is also called Plexiglas or Perspex.

The multipurpose substance does not only come in handy to create furniture items like coffee tables, side tables, but is also used in making decorative items such as fish tanks, picture frames and mirrors.

What ruin the beauty of acrylic are scratches and cut marks. You might believe they can’t be removed, but The Plastic People provides some useful tips to help you eliminate the scratches and turn the acrylic furniture brand new:

How to Get Rid of Light Scratches?

Light scratches are easier to handle as compared to the deeper ones. Here’s what you need:

  • Special acrylic polish
  • Some paper

This task requires a range of papers with different grades (thicknesses).

First off, take two papers of 600 grade. Soak one of them in water. Rub the wet paper over the marks and dry it with the other one.

Don’t worry if the acrylic reveals lots of marks. They’ll vanish by the end of the procedure.

Now use 800 grade wet and dry papers over the scratches for a minute. Once done, perform the same process with 1200 grade papers.

Wipe the fragments off the acrylic and apply acrylic polish. Voila, good as new!

How to Eliminate Deeper Scratches?

Run your fingernail over the scratches. If you can feel them, they are deep. Removing deeper scratches is harder but not impossible. You’ll need:

  • Sandpaper of different thickness
  • Acrylic polish

Start with 600-grit sandpaper and polish it in a circular motion over the deep scratches.  Switch to 1200-grit sandpaper if the scratches are still deep.

As the scratches disappear, soak the sandpaper in water and clean up the acrylic. Rub a quality sandpaper over the affected area to buff it up.

In the end, use some acrylic polish to get the shine back on your acrylic. Stroke your hand over it and feel the silkiness. You did it!

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